The Société des établissements de plein air du Québec welcomed a new park into their fold last summer, and the opening of Parc national d'Opémican was definitely a fantastic decision because this park is stunning.

The site is full of history, making it more than just a campsite... though it is the perfect spot for that, too, of course.

When you visit you'll be able to see historic buildings that date back to 1883 alongside eternal rapids, flowing into beautiful lakes, all surrounded by the forest of pines.

According to Sépaq, the work to transition the space from a Regional park to a Quebec National park began in 2002 through the process of expanding the park's land to over 250km².

As early as 1679 trading posts were built in the region to facilitate the fur trade that was booming in the area at the time.

Then, in the early 19th century, wood merchants began to see the possibilities of the land.

Logging became a staple in the region and in 1888, the first logging camp was actually born. Buildings that still stand from this time include the Jodoin Hostel, the Superintendant's House, and office building, a mechanical and forge shop, a garage and a carpentry shop.

Nowadays, you can stay in a tent or one of the awesome ready-to-camp sites they have available, seen below.

The rich history of the region makes it all the more beautiful, seeing our human co-existence with nature for hundreds of years.

And it is so cool that these buildings are still standing and we can now appreciate them, hundreds of years later while appreciating the wild beauty of Quebec's vast nature reserves like Parc d’Opémican.

To stay in the 6-person ready-to-camp sites it's only $104 a night and firewood is only an extra $10 if you're staying at one of the fire-ready sites.

It is important to note that certain sections of the park were impacted by the flooding this year, so they've had to close of some areas in order to restore the land and maintain the safety of park visitors.

To book a campsite or Ready-to-Camp dwelling, head to their website here to see available rental dates.

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