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Things You Need To Know About Drinking In Montreal Parks

A retrospective of the dos & don'ts.
Things You Need To Know About Drinking In Montreal Parks

Photo cred - Dean Bere

Here's the law: Public consumption of wine or beer is legal if "consumed in a park with a meal". Now let's get into some finer points.

  • A meal is probably more than a candy bar, although some of the sources listed below indicate anecdotally that sometimes that just might be enough. On the safe side, bring a real looking lunch, a sandwich at least.
  • If you have 15+ people in the park, probably have 15 sandwiches, plus that's just the nice thing to do, c'mon now. Also, don't be hammered, because public intoxication and disturbing the peace are still issues. Parks have an 11PM curfew.
  • If you're trying to have a little day-drink but can't find any food, even a measly candy bar...maybe raid a daycare for plastic toy food, the kind I stole from my own synagogue preschool when I was four, or manufacture food-looking-like-things out of dirt (the meat), leaves (the leaves), and old newspapers (as bread). Probably easiest to just bring a little food, some chips, a little hummus, and call it barely legal in the parc!

Note, these guidelines are for Montreal proper, I have no idea what the regulations are in some park b/w here and Laval. Additionally, this is not legal advice, and I am not your lawyer.

The law, as per 311, and a few other sources. 

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