Things You Need To Know About Summer BBQ-ing In Montreal Parks

Things You Need To Know About Summer BBQ-ing In Montreal Parks

Photo cred - Sylvain Bournival

Outdoor park chilling reaches the zenith of summer-perfection when you get a BBQ in the mix. Sun, beer, and burgers are basically the holy trinity of summertime in the park.

In a Montreal-utopia there would be grills and fire pits in every park, all in pristine condition and filled with charcoal or propane. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, and there the city has certain regulations, prohibitions, and general things to know if/when you want to eat some BBQ at the park.

Here's what you need to know:

Parks With BBQs On-Site

  • Only one park in all of Montreal has legit barbecues ready for you to use, and it is Agrignon Park. There are barbecues every 150 feet, so there are plenty to go around, just make sure you bring your own lighter.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

  • No barbecues are on-site but you can bring your own to Île Sainte -Hélène and use it there.

Parc Mont-Royal

  • The city states that barbecues are only allowed in official picnic areas at Mont-Royal's park, specifically the eating/chalet-area near Beaver Lake, and only for groups under 50 people. None on-site, so its BYOBBQ.

Nature parks

  • Montreal's nature parks pretty much all allow barbecues, just only in designated picnic areas. Be sure to bring your own lighting equipment. For a list of Montreal's nature parks, click here.

No BBQs Allowed

  • The only Montreal park that specifically prohibits BBQs is Maisonneuve Park, under regulation 10-020. So just don't do it, not matter what kind of beef craving you have.

Soft-Acceptance at Smaller Parks

  • Smaller parks like Jeanne-Mance, Jarry, Wilfrid-Laurier, and Outremont do not endorse nor prohibit the use of BBQs, so its kind of a grey area. You've seen people rocking a small grill there before, no doubt, but there are no barbecues are on-site. Much like drinking in the park, as long as you're tidy, respectful of the park grounds and other people, and don't have gigantic grill, you'll probably be totally fine.

Where will you BBQ?

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