This 2-Minute Video Literally IS Montreal

Montreal has never looked better.
This 2-Minute Video Literally IS Montreal

Cover photo cred - What's Really Good™ Magazine

If there is one thing all Montrealers can agree on, it's that for better or worse, Montreal is one cool city, and while you don't need us telling you (but we do like to), visual reminders of just how cool it is, are always welcome.

That's why this video, put together by a collaboration between the Palladium Boots Company and What's Really Good magazine for their Explore Series, is essentially Montrealporn at its very finest.

Even though it's a promo for boots, anyone who considers Montreal home will instantly associate with the various locations and overall vibe captured so righteously in the video. From local hangouts to hidden gems, our cherished brunch spots and coffee shops, our iconic street art and music festivals, our beloved Habs, and everything in between, the video is a true love letter to our favourite city in the world.

Watch the video and fall in love with Montreal all over again.

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