A Look Inside The $25,000,000 Laval "Castle" Celine Dion Used To Own

A celebrity home fit for a Queen.
A Look Inside The $25,000,000 Laval "Castle" Celine Dion Used To Own

I've written about castles in the past but let's face it, I was just referring to really really big houses and I was getting tired of using the words "manor" and "mansion." This house however is quite literally a castle, and what's the one thing all castles need? A moat of course! Okay, so this doesn't have an actual moat, but it comes pretty damn close considering it's located on a private island.

The interior doesn't exactly discourage the use of the word 'castle' either. Everything in this house seems to be made of ornate marble or carved oak. The game room looks like it was stolen from the Titanic. The dining room is entirely made of medieval style stone and I suspect that if you were to pull on one of the candle sticks, it would open a secret passage guarded by a knight.

Did I mention the pool house? Because it's bigger than your actual house. You know the old saying: "a picture is worth a thousand words", well enjoy the following 13,000 words:

Check out the Sotheby's listing for more details

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