This 40 KM Country Road In Quebec Is Pure Bliss In The Fall

A drive you gotta go on asap.
This 40 KM Country Road In Quebec Is Pure Bliss In The Fall

Quebec's Fall foliage can be summarized in one word: spectacular.

And if you want to take it all in before the snow starts dropping, there are plenty of options available to you.

You can explore the amazing foliage near the the city itself.

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Or you can venture out to one of the many stunning Fall destinations located all around Quebec.

The only problem with these trips is that they involve some a lot of walking and in some cases hiking.

So we decided to find an alternative option for those who are feeling less active.

It's a country road about 40 km long that stretches between Morin Heights and Huberdeau, and it's simply adorable.

The road is tiny, with only 1 lane in each direction for most of its length, and it's completely surrounded by trees on either side.

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It feels like driving down a tiny, hidden, dirt road in the middle of the country, only this route is paved so you won't need an off-road vehicle to explore it.

The road crosses through some adorable little towns along the way, and once in awhile, the road opens up and you get a stunning view far in the distance. It also runs along several lakes which are also surrounded by beautiful Fall colors.

But if you must get out there and be active, there is a nice little treat awaiting you near this road.

It's called the Parc du Corridor Aérobique, and it is the only park of it's kind in the area.

What makes this park so special is that it is a linear park.

It's actually build on an old abandoned Railway and it is the perfect place to walk, hike or bike in the summer.

Plus, in the winter, the park turns into a long cross-country skiing course.

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