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This 53-Year-Old Montrealer Is Absolutely Killing The Instagram Influencer Game

Living proof that age is just a number.
This 53-Year-Old Montrealer Is Absolutely Killing The Instagram Influencer Game

Aging is an inevitable part of life. And as my family doctor always enjoys reminding me at my yearly checkup, it's also "a privilege denied to many."

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The aging process is not reversible, at least not yet – hoping Elon Musk is working on it, but until then, most people will continue to underestimate the great deal of power and control we have over the natural aging process.

As a personal example, about a decade ago my father decided he would quit drinking, drastically change his diet, and start exercising regularly. He's now 62 and in better physical shape then he's ever been in his life, and he's completed a personal training certificate and plans on being a PT during retirement.

But this article isn't about my dad – sorry dad! It's about Grece Ghanem, just more living proof that age is just a number. Not only is she the new icon for ageless style, she's always repping Montreal!

Although Ghanem is 53, an age where most women complain that they feel invisible, Ghanem boldly claimed in a recent Vogue interview that women should always strive to "stay visible."

Thanks to Ghanem's bold, playful, and vibrant personal style, she is most definitely visible, and still looks more than perfectly age appropriate. Her followers seem to be in complete awe of her fearlessness and her obvious opposition to age-norms.

As a result, Ghanem inspirational style has garnered a large following of fans on social media and she has officially been collaborating with some huge names such as Club Monaco and Sephora.

However, this path wasn't Ghanem's original life plan, according to a recent report by Vogue. Ghanem actually left her life in Lebanon as a microbiologist and moved to Montreal with her daughter to begin a new life.

She was unable to practice as a microbiologist in Canada, so she turned to personal training instead. On the side, she began working on a style-driven Instagram page with her daughter – you know, just for fun.

Little by little she gathered an organic following and fast forward to now, Ghanem is working with some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion.

As an influencer Ghanem now has a voice, and she wants people to know that she's "disappointed" that women of her age are underrepresented on the runways and in magazines.

@greceghanemembedded via

She is right: We live in a vain culture that celebrates youth. In short, our society is just plain youth-obsessed, and for women, the implications of this cultural standard run much deeper than just feeling "invisible."

Women are socialized to have a deep fear of aging, and as a 31-year-old woman, at times, I uncomfortably sense this fear bubbling up within myself.

Ultimately, Ghanem's inspirational story should demonstrate to women that they don't have to "disappear into the shadows" just because the clock strikes 4-0. Not to mention, it's pretty damn good motivation to hit the gym.


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