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This $6,000,000 Montreal Mega Mansion Has Its Own Private Golf Course

The house you wish you owned.
This $6,000,000 Montreal Mega Mansion Has Its Own Private Golf Course

I'm not sure what's going on in Ile Bizard but there seems to be an abundance of unbelievable mansions everywhere. It's one thing to have a big house, but not all of them take your breath away. It's the little things that make a house truly amazing and this place has too many little things to count. So lets start with the obvious, it's gigantic, and the property surrounding it is equally impressive. In fact, this place not only has a private tennis court, but it also has a private golf course! And I'm not talking about mini-putt, I'm talking about a long green field with several different greens and holes.

Now let's talk about the inside, the rooms are elegant and tasteful without being too extravagant.  The rooms flow into one another and there's even a couch that runs from the wall of the living room until the inside of the kitchen. Seriously, this place has more seating than a movie theater. And speaking of movie theater, this place has an amazing underground home theater room completely with a kitchenette and a mini-bar.

Now let's talk about this office. It's the office every man dreams about - if men dream about offices. It's floor to ceiling oak leading into a second "library" floor with a balcony for you to peer ominously at your enemies from. I don't even think there's anything up there, and that's the sign of true luxury, a staircase and second floor that are just for show. Also, the bathrooms have seats, because in a house this big, sometimes you need to sit down halfway on your long quest to reach the other side of the house.

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