This Adorable American Town Is Called "Little Canada"

A look at the United States' most Canadian town, ever!
This Adorable American Town Is Called "Little Canada"

Every morning I post up on my laptop, coffee by my side and poke around for cool gems and fun facts around the internet. 

Just the other day I stumbled upon the cutest little American town in Minnesota... 

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...Little Canada! 

Via National Post

Did you know that there is a Little Canada nestled in Minnesota, U.S.A? I certainly did not. 

But it's true! Little Canada, MN, looks like a life-size town from a children's play set. 

Little Canada, MN, is just a small town in the greater area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. As of the 2010 consensus, the population of Little Canada is just below 10k people. 

They are the sister city to Ontario town Thunder Bay, and they represent their Canadian ties very well. The cities flag is a fleur-de-lis tucked into a Canadian red maple leaf - I mean, it doesn't get much more Canadian than that!

Via Wikipedia

Little Canada, MN also hosts their own Canadian Days festival in August alongside Thunder Bay, ON. 

It all began in 1844 when French-Canadian settle Benjamin Gervais left St. Paul to claim new land and build Minnesota's first grist mill independently from the government.

Via Lake Gervais - City of Little Canada

There is a large lake on the east side of the township that still bears his name; Lake Gervais. 

In 1858, Little Canada began as the township of New Canada. 

1953, city leaders established the village of Little Canada, MN - which became it's own city in 1974. 

This has got to be the cutest little American town out there! 

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