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This All-New Cafe Plateau Montreal Just Opened And It's Cute AF (15 Photos)

There's no shortage of amazing cafes all over the city of Montreal. In fact, this city is literally crawling with cafes which is so amazing, especially for students who need to study. 

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Since this city is full of universities and colleges there's tons of students around midterm season either at the library or scouting the city for their new study spot. 

Well, look no further! This adorable cafe just opened up in the Plateau and it's going to be your new got-to study spot I guarantee! 

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It's called Cafe Origine and it's located at 8 Sherbrooke St W and it's not too far of a trek from both Concordia, McGill and UQAM universities! 

Not only does this cafe have a prime location on the edge of the Plateau it also has a fresh and cozy vibe that welcomes anyone that comes in! 

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It has a super modern feel with the all white walls and the natural wood tables. Of course you can't forget the plants hanging from basically every inch of this place! 

They serve impeccably made lattes, matcha lattes and regular brews to get those study juices flowing while you're cramming your day away! You can bet they have sweet treats and yummy sandwiches to snack on as well. 

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You can bet you'll be superproductive here, so grab your study buddies and head over to this adorable new plateau spot! 


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8 Sherbrooke St W

Near: St Laurent metro 


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