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This All-New Montreal Office Space Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Work Everyday

Boss vibes everywhere.
This All-New Montreal Office Space Will Actually Make You Want To Go To Work Everyday

Friends, if there's one thing I know, it's that if you don't have a breathtaking workspace, you're not going to have any motivation to actually work.

Well, okay, the workspace doesn't have to be breathtaking. It usually just has to be functional and organized... but then again, a couple of breathtaking accolades here and there don't hurt. In fact, that might be exactly what you need to boost your productivity by about infinity percent.  

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And one brand new, Montreal office space is sure to give your productivity a boost and a half very soon. Fabrik8, an office complex situated in Montreal's Mile-Ex, is about to become the only place in the world you're going to want to work.

Although Fabrik8 currently has their space open, with more than 40 businesses working hard - like GURU, Epic GamesWordans and many more - their expansion phase is going to start being built this upcoming May. They've already begun booking offices for teams of 25 employees or more. And trust me, once you find out what Fabrik8 Waverly is all about, you're going to want to book a space there for your entire office ASAP. Yeah, maybe it's time to go see your boss about this!

Fabrik8 is known for its modern, cool vibes and design. And although their original space is awesome, their new spot is going to blow your mind.

Complete with a rooftop terrasse, indoor/outdoor gym, and rooftop basketball court (that transforms into a skating rink in the winter!), as well as a cafeteria specializing in healthy options and a "zen" space right inside the office building. They've got a whole bunch of office sizes available as well - from offices accommodating 1 person to 50 people to even 500!

Plus, the brand new Fabrik8 project also happens to feature Montreal's first-ever WELL certified building. So not only will Fabrik8 have tons of cool features, but it'll also be built with the utmost care measuring quality of water, air, light and more!

The new Fabrik8 project is going to start being built as soon May 2018, but it's slated to open for the summer of 2019. Which is pretty awesome, TBH - imagine you and your company chilling on that beautiful rooftop terrasse during the summer, nothing but productive vibes and the breeze blowing through your hair?

Yeah. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

For more information on Fabrik8, and to find out how to reserve an office in this ultra innovative building, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page!