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This Amazing FREE Urban Oasis Is Opening This Spring In Montreal

Drink, eat, work, or just hang out.
This Amazing FREE Urban Oasis Is Opening This Spring In Montreal

In a nutshell, Air Commune is a beautiful open-air community space located in the heart of the mile-end. 

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What can you do there? Well, the question should be what CAN'T  you do. You can bring your laptop and work on the free Wifi during the day, as soon as 5 pm rolls around you can enjoy their 5 à 7 vibes and sample the local beer and tasty snacks that will be available from a variety of local food trucks. 

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it doesn't stop there! This space will be hosting tons of shows, events, and even yoga classes all summer long! You can even book conference shared rooms for your own personal use. 

The best part is: it's 100% animal-friendly. So dog watching will be a thing. The open-air space will be open from 9 - 9  Monday through Friday starting this May. 

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For all the information on this amazing outdoor coworking space, click here

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