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This App Will Help You Save Money So You Can Afford To Do Something With Your Life

Friends, I am not going to lie to you: I actually have the worst time trying to save money.

To me, the whole concept of investing and saving is super stressful... and - let's be real here - boring AF. 

via @getmylo

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this one, either. All my friends say the same thing: saving would be great, but you gotta live your life. 

And thankfully, you can now do both. 

via @getmylo

Mylo is the app that will pretty much change your life. You literally need no financial know-how to work the app whatsoever; all you need to do is plug into Mylo, and watch your money grow.  

The app connects with your credit and debit cards to automatically round up every purchase to the nearest dollar. The difference is put in an investment account, so you'll be automatically saving up for all your goals! (Like that 3-day Osheaga pass... or, you know, a brand new apartment. Whatever).

via @getmylo

So basically, this morning's latte that cost you $3.75? 25 cents of that is going towards your goals. That 3 AM Banquise poutine that put you out $9.20? You'll not only get delicious poutine, but also be 80 cents closer to whatever it is your heart desires. That sounds like a win-win situation to me, TBH.

via @getmylo

Best part? You don't need to know anything at all about investing. As soon as you sign up, you're assigned a registered portfolio manager. They'll take care of your investments so you can enjoy your money, stress-free.

Not only does Mylo have your back when it comes to saving money, but it'll also help fix your questionable (I mean, let's be honest here, guys) spending habits.

via @getmylo

Once you're on the app, Mylo uses artificial intelligence to come up with tips personalized just for you like eliminating bank fees, canceling unneeded subscriptions or switching to a cheaper cell phone plan, so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to take control of your money... and adult for real. 

And all of this for $1 a month. AKA, less than the price of your daily latte. Let's say it together, friends: yassssss. 

via @getmylo

You can download Mylo on the App Store starting July 6. For more information, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages too!