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This Australian Model Was Called Fat, See How She Handled It

Robyn Lawley, Australian bombshell has just launched her latest swimwear line, and the spread is hot as hell! But Robyn isn't your typical model, she's considered one that is "plus size". What's a plus sized model? According to Meieli Sawyer, a freelance fashion and lifestyle journalist, a plus sized model must be at least 5"8 in height, wear a size 10 and up in clothing and bear a proportional figure.

But Robyn Lawley, along with many women world wide simply don't understand why models must be classified in different categories based on their weight. When speaking about a model, we don't generally categorize them by saying "blonde hair- blue eyed models" or "short hair- well structured face models". Yet, the term "plus sized model" is one very popular classification.

Lawley hates the term "plus size" but has come to realization that society will always group a person, and throwing her into the "plus size" pool is easiest. When Lawley first started modelling, words like "pig" and "hefty" were thrown at her like a ball. But now, the striking model explains that she's okay with that. "I'm really confident, and I love my body as it is," she told Ellen DeGeneres, "saying you love your body creates a positive rebound effect, you really start loving your body."

Like many teenagers who want to model, the Australian bombshell did her fair share of dieting. But even at her absolute skinniest, agencies told her that she wasn't thin enough to model. "I gave up. I fell in love with food [...] I started a food blog. Food's not the problem, it's society [...]. We should all be accepting our natural size," Lawley explained.

Robyn Lawley believes in natural beauty. She explains that her big bone structure simply doesn't allow her to have a super skinny figure. This Australian model stood up to several agencies that didn't believe she would make it in the modelling industry. Her courage and determination are an excellent example to society. "Be happy at your natural weight", she emphasized to Ellen.

Check out Robyn Lawley on the Ellen Show:

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