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This Authentic Montreal Pizzeria Has Over 70 Different Kinds Of Pizza

They've got pizzas you haven't even heard of!
This Authentic Montreal Pizzeria Has Over 70 Different Kinds Of Pizza

I am pretty sure that we can all agree on the fact that everyone loves pizza. It's cheese and bread and sauce. What could go wrong? Italy really got this one right.

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Sure everyone loves the fast food version of pizza, and of course, delivery. But going out to dinner at a nice pizzeria and getting some authentic pizza is probably my favorite way to spend an evening.

There are endless ways that you can dress up a pizza. It can be healthy, it can be saucy, it can be Asian-inspired, it can be vegan, it can be whatever you want. I'd say pizza is probably one of the most versatile foods.

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Well, this pizzeria in Montreal has over 70 different kinds of pizza, 77 to be exact. Oh yeah, I'm serious. They've been cooking pizzas this way since 1984 and every pizza is cooked in a wood-oven and served the classic way.

Restaurant Il Focolaio has been one of my favorite places to eat with my friends for a really long time and I'm pretty sure it will continue to top the list. Located at 1223 Place Phillips right smack in the center of downtown Montreal, it's right near McGill metro and super easy to get to.

The restaurant itself is super cute, with a full map of Italy and cozy seating arrangments. Another great thing about this place, they have great fine and really affordable sangria. Wine and pizza? Yes, please!

And even though this place is an authentic restaurant (that you should definitely make the trip to go see), they also deliver! So you can get one of your favorite pizzas whenever and wherever you are. 

Just check out their menu, you won't have any trouble finding something to satisfy your pizza cravings. If you've thought it up, then they probably have it.

See the full pizza selection here.


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