This Bar Near Montreal Has A Waterfront Dock And A Pool That Will Blow Your Mind

You've never seen anything like this!
This Bar Near Montreal Has A Waterfront Dock And A Pool That Will Blow Your Mind

It always seems as though bars s just can't get any more exciting. People realized real quickly that just having a place that serves alcohol doesn't exactly make you special. So since then, bars have been trying to make themselves unique by serving cool drinks or having a cool atmosphere.

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Well, this bar on the South Shore has seriously outdone itself. First of all, it's already located on the side of the St-Lawrence river, so it has its own dock and access to the water. I can't explain how amazing that is in the summer. But on top of that, they even have a pool!

I seriously don't know where to start with this place. How about the name. It's called Quai 99 and it's about to become your favorite restaurant. Just you wait. I'm telling you, this place will give you an experience unlike any other.

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You can find this awesome place at 99 Chemin de la Rive, Longueuil QC. That's right, it's on the South Shore. I could not be more proud. Most people think that there's nothing to do outside the island, but they could not be more wrong! What other bar has a pool right in the middle?

What's so fantastic about this place is the incredible views of the city. I'm telling you, they're spectacular! And don't even get me started on their menu. Your taste buds are about to be blown away. From wines to decadent desserts to perfectly cooked fish, your mouth will explode. 

Check the full menu out here!

Quai 99 is also absolutely perfect for events. People even get married here! That's how beautiful it is. I'm telling you, you have to go check it out for yourself. My advice to you, wait for a beautiful sunny day. Want a great view of the sunset? This is the place!

Here are some awesome photos to get you excited:

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Via Quai 99

Via Quai 99

Via Quai 99

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