This Blood-Chilling Haunted House Near Montreal Makes You Sign A Waiver Before Going In

With Halloween quickly approaching, many of us daredevils and horror enthusiasts are looking for the ultimate terrifying experience this year.

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There are lists of things you could possibly do to get you in the most intense spooky spirit. But for those that aren't frightened easily, you need something over-the-top crazy that no rational person would ever in their right mind be brave enough to do.

That's what Blackout Haunted House was created for. If you want the most terrifying and unimagineable experience perfect for Halloween, you have to go here ASAP.

To get an idea of what you're missing out on, watch this trailer for one of their previous seasons:

The haunted house is incredibly different than any you've ever been to before. There are a few important rules they make sure you know before even going inside.

If you don't follow them... well... let's just hope you do.

The first rule: that you must walk through the entire experience alone. Crazy, right? Well, it gets more intense. The actors within the haunted maze will prompt you to do certain actions, you must do exactly as your told... even if you don't want to.

On top of all this are many more rules you have to agree to before you go in, such as wearing a protective face mask and not being allowed to speak while inside (although you can scream). 

But the most unnerving is that you actually have to sign a waiver before you go in, in case you end up completely traumatized or somehow get injured. So, you basically have to sign your life away to do this thing. The question is whether or not it's worth it.

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Some of the experiences people have had in this haunted house are absolutely blood-chilling. At times they were handcuffed, a bag was shoved over their head, one experience even explains that a "bloody" tampon was forced into their mouth!

If that's not enough, the actors constantly touch, push, grab and make other physical contact with you.

You are prompted at times to do things such as crawl, perform tasks as if you were in a scavenger hunt, and even put your hand in a toilet to grab a special key.

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Needless to say, this experience is only for those prepared to leave their comfort zone. 

You can find Blackout Haunted House in New York, about a 6 hour drive from Montreal. Although this is a roadtrip, it will definitely be your spookiest one yet.

This experience is made for the people who are exhausted with the typical ghosts and ghouls that litter every mediocre haunted house they've been to. But be warned, you will seriously feel like you're in a twisted reality as soon as you walk inside the house of terror. 

For more information on Blackout Haunted House, click here.