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This Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Summer

The speeding fireballs can be seen right from the downtown core!
This Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Summer

Celestial events occur throughout the year, and although more often than not you're unable to see them, occasionally we'll be gifted with an extraordinary event that is totally visible all over the country for people to experience and enjoy. Seriously, space is so cool!

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Unfortunately living in a big city means it's pretty difficult to see even the easier nighttime events. Even star constellations that light the sky in the North are impossible to see from Montreal. So usually, if you want to get the best seating for a meteor shower or eclipse you have to go to lengths to find somewhere outside of the city.

Examples of the missed opportunities to witness phenomenal sky events would be the upcoming "blood moon" lunar eclipse, the biggest of the century, which is essentially unidentifiable from any part of Canada. A similar experience occurred with the major solar eclipse last year. Apart from the sky getting a bit darker, the peak viewing location was all the way in California.

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Luckily, the upcoming Perseid meteor shower is so bright you'll have no problem seeing it from downtown Montreal. Known as the biggest and most incredible of the year, the natural light show is packed with up to 80 meteors per hour! To make the event even more beautiful, during the peak of the shower on August 12-13 the sky will be completely free of moonlight making visibility of the entire show that much more amazing.

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year during the Summer, making it one of the most popular meteor showers in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the speeding fireballs burn brighter than most stars which is what makes them so noticeable in our city sky, just find some good seating in a park or even on a city bench and you're all set to witness the beautiful sky show.

The offical meteor shower begins August 13 and is expected to end August 20, but some shooting stars can already be seen as of now throughout the night. It's definitely worth it to take some time tonight gazing up the stars, you might even see a Perseid meteor flying through space!

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