This Brunch Spot Serves The Most Amazing Montreal-Style Caesar You've Ever Seen In Your Life (Photos)

I grew up on a west-side of the island on a street called Trans Island Avenue which was, funnily enough, a short street.  My front door was a couple steps away from Snowdon Deli on busy Decarie Expressway, so I spent a lot of time there growing up. It was the cheap, fast, friendly neighborhood deli.

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When I would come down a bad cold my dad would run to Snow Del to get a big tub of Motza Ball Soup to fix me up real good, and it definitely did. That neon yellow broth can fix anything from a cold to a bad hangover, even maybe a sore heart. 

So when I see places like Arthurs nosh bar opening up, and taking the essence of the Jewish deli and remodeling it for a younger "brunching" generation, this makes me very happy. 

Of course, I do still love hitting up Snowdon Deli for old times sake, nothing compares to their club roll, but I also think the new classics deserve a place in our hearts. Especially when they are whipping up amazing concoctions like these. 

The Montreal-style brunch Ceasar, garnishes with a custom-made mini bagel, lox, cream cheese, and pickle.  If you look up Arthurs geotag on Instagram, you can find dozens upon dozens of pics of this super Instagram-friendly beverage.

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Ok, you get the picture, this thing looks LEGIT.  Needless to say, Arthurs usually has a mega line-up on Saturday and Sundays during brunch hours. But now that they have extra seating on the terrasse during the warmer months, it's not as bad. 

So if you're in the St-Henri / Notre-Dame West area, or you've been curious about the neighborhood and not sure where to start. Arthurs is a definitive must-try for this beautiful blossoming neighborhood.

For more awesome food pics check out Arthurs official Instagram HERE

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