This Resort Near Montreal Looks And Feels Like You’re In Cuba

Sandy beaches and palm trees.
This Resort Near Montreal Looks And Feels Like You’re In Cuba

When you are in a desperate search to plan a quick and easy vacation, don't stress! Camping Club Havana is the perfect getaway for you. It is located in Maricourt which is approximately a hour and a half away from Montreal but it will make you feel like you are thousands of miles away in Cuba. Camping Club Havana is the perfect cheap getaway that you can plan right now! The atmosphere honestly feels like the resorts of Punta Cana.

If you would like to simply spend the day, it's only $20 of pure fun. Otherwise, you can rent a suite and have a mini vacation right here in Quebec. The Latin fever is honestly exploding out of this place! They have fabulous music, great dancers, and a sweet vibe.

Not only is the atmosphere bumping, but so is their pool! They pool alone is a true site to see! The pool is heated, huge, beautiful, and it even has palm trees! To make it feel even more like Cuba, they have a bar along the water where you can drink up. However, if you really want to go to the beach, then I suggest hitting up the lake located close by that has sand and much more.

In addition, they have authentic Cuban restaurants, massage rooms, and much more for you to escape the city and enjoy a real vacation. Trust me, if you show your friends and family pictures they will think that you just got back from Cuba! This really is fun for everyone.

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