This Canadian City Made The Airbnb List Of Top Trending Destinations For 2019

No, it is definitely not any major city you would guess.
This Canadian City Made The Airbnb List Of Top Trending Destinations For 2019

Every year, Airbnb reveals their list of top destinations to visit around the world for the upcoming year. It's a great way to figure out your travel plans for the New Year and take a look at the actual "hot spots" for Airbnb users.

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TL;DR Airbnb released their "19 Destinations to Visit in 2019" list, with Winnipeg being one of the top searched locations of the year with a 140% increase. The list attributes the city's popularity to its cultural and historic values as well as its summer festivals and events.

The list can be pretty diverse, from a sunny beach oasis to the enchanting and snowy Arctic. Airbnb has found that trending destinations are often places where "healthy" and sustainable tourism takes place and can not only benefit travelers, but local residents as well.

Now that Airbnb has released their "19 Destinations to Visit in 2019" list, you're definitely going to want to take a good look at it, but not for the reason you might think.

We should be incredibly proud that a Canadian city actually made the list this year. Seriously, out of all the possible places to visit in the world, people really want to go here! The only problem is... why would anyone want to go here?

Winnipeg, Manitoba has somehow made this exclusive list and beat cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. It turns out, Winnipeg's seen a 140% increase in searches this year alone. 

According to the official Airbnb list, the Canadian city is so popular due to its historic and cultural values as well as its number of summer festivals and outdoor events. If you think about it, there are a ton of other cities across the country that also offer all of these features. 

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Of course, we're proud that Canada was able to make a place on the list for best tourism destinations. It's definitely a major accomplishment not only for the city, but for the entire country!

Nonetheless, we're still pretty shocked that Winnipeg has won this round. 

To check out the entire Airbnb "19 Destinations to Visit in 2019" list, click HERE.

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