This Canadian Man Dropped Everything To Live His Dream Life In Thailand

Goals on goals on goals.
This Canadian Man Dropped Everything To Live His Dream Life In Thailand

Dave Leduc, also known as Dave "The Nomad" Leduc, is a 24 year old professional K-1 and Muaythai Fighter from Gatineau who decided to sell everything he had and move to Thailand this year. He followed his dreams and never looked back afterwards. Beaches, temples, food... you can't not fall in love with Thai lifestyle.

This year, the very first Thai Boxing event was supposed to take place at Tohu in Montreal with a Cirque du Soleil performance and a beautiful gala scheduled for the night. However, a day before the event, Quebec government decided to cancel it.

Muaythai fights are still illegal in Quebec (Dave is actively participating in trying to legalize the sport in our province). This was the final "push" for Dave. He realized that he needed to "get off the grid" and go live his dream in a paradise-like environment. And he did.

"[...] everybody [who] achieved greatness in life, at one point they 'jumped'... That's my jump. I just turned 24 years old, it's the time to do it."

Recharging the batteries???? There is only one success: To be able to spend your time how you want.

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How is life in Thailand different from your life in Quebec?

Life in Thailand is very different from Quebec. I have no stress at all: no financial stress, no time stress, you just live. You don't really care what you look like, you can really be yourself and enjoy the present moment. Back home you're kind of stuck in a wheel that never [stops spinning].

I like how here the Thai's say "Sabai Sabai." It means "relax relax." Meaning just relax, smile, there are no worries.

Just did a sweet Mohawk to my little brother Lucas, he wants to know what you think????

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Are you thinking of ever coming back?

I will come back for important fights (when [they] will get legalized... one day... They still think it's too dangerous [at this moment]). I will [also] come back to train with my Coach and mentor from day 1, Sifu Patrick Marcil, and to see my family and friends. But as of right now, I am focusing on my career and acheiving my goals of becoming the best Martial artist I can be.

You know the low kicks are on point, when the bag can't resist them??????? @tigermuaythai ?

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What do your days look like?

My days are really smooth, if I can call it smooth. Usually [I will] go for a run in the morning, then I have Muaythai class from 3-5pm, maybe hit the weight room after or [do a] 5-6 km run in the hills. I eat fresh fruits and [generally, try to eat] as clean as possible, but I have a weakness for sweets...

In class, we do ''sparrings'' meaning we hit each other simulating a fight, but with padding. It can end pretty intense sometimes lol.

How do you afford this lifestyle? It sounds like a dream.

I am sponsored by Tigermuaythai gym in Phuket, they take care of my living expenses. And [of, course] being a professionnal athlete - you are getting paid to compete. I f

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