This Canadian Province Already Has 4.5 Feet Of Snow And The Blizzards Are Only Getting Worse

As most of us sit here in awe of receiving a bit of snow overnight, we're probably already feeling like we've experienced a winter wonderland.

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TL;DR Labrador has already received 4.5 feet of snow in the last few weeks, breaking the record for most snow in such a short frame of time. The weather is expected to get worse, with blizzards and cold fronts ahead.

The first big snow always has people overestimating how bad (or good) the weather really is, when, in reality most of Canada hasn't seen anything yet.

While we appreciate the sparkling snow in provinces like Quebec and Ontario, there's one place in Canada that has already had their entire winter in the course of a couple weeks. It's only mid-November and they've already exhausted their shovelling, winter tires, and winter attire for the rest of the season. 

Yes, in case you haven't heard, Labrador is already suffering with 4.5 feet of snow right now! So while we're over here wishing for some snow to fall, they're wishing for us to take some of theirs.

The 130+cm of snow in Labrador actually marks the most snow on record for such a short frame of time. With temperatures below average in the province as well, that means any rain is falling as snow, adding to the effect of massive blizzard.

So, why are they getting so much snow? Well, a major clash of cold air from the north collided with warm air from the Atlantic which has set into motion this super early winter. 

To make matters even worse, Labradorians can expect the system of cold and snowy weather to continue throughout the week. This means insane blizzards and unbelievable cold fronts are in the near future.

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With over 4.5 feet of snow this early into the season, the province might have to end up building tunnels and highways under the snow if the conditions continue! 

Stay tuned for more information on Labrador's snow crisis.


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