This Canadian Restaurant Serves The Most Crazy Poutines In The World

Simply sublime.
This Canadian Restaurant Serves The Most Crazy Poutines In The World

You know as well as I do that MTLBlog is the biggest fan of poutine. We talk about poutine more than anyone would really like (and no, it's not going to stop so please stop calling us out on it) and nothing pleases us more than telling you all about an amazing new poutine to enjoy in the city.

This is not one of those times, because we're somewhat ashamed to report that these amazing poutines (which look better than most we've seen) can't be found in Montreal.

No, these epic creations come from Joe Beeverz, a Canadian-themed restaurant found only in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but damn are we jealous we can't find them here in Montreal. Because seriously, this restaurant serves up some of the craziest poutine creations we've ever seen.

No joke, Joe Beeverz blows La Banquise out of the water, if only for the shape their poutine takes. Not simply a hot mess of fries, curds, and gravy in a bowl, each one of Joe Beeverz poutine-creations looks like an architectural wonder, as the poutine takes the form of a magnificent log (or a "Beever Dam" to use the resto's lingo) of sinful deliciousness.

But the shape is only one aspect that makes Joe Beeverz poutines next level, the rest comes in with the flavour combos seen on their poutine menu. The poutine setlist includes a Chicken Pot Pie, Blackened Steak & Parmesan, "Christmas," Perogy, Double Cheeseburger, and Loaded Baked Potatoe poutines, among others.

And you know what's even more shameful? This restaurant actually holds the world record for the largest poutine ever made, clocking in at a whopping 1.949 pounds. It's officially Montreal, we need to step up our game and take Joe Beeverz down a few pegs, because we're supposed to the poutine capital of the world.

So even though we're a little jealous we can't have these poutines and mildly riled Joe Beeverz is a contender in the "best poutines ever" game despite not being in Montreal, we can still relish in the poutine of it all and gaze upon their crazily crafted poutine. Check 'em out below.

The Loaded Baked Potato Poutine

  • Cheese sauce replaces the curds and gravy, with the fried then topped with sour cream, green onions and bacon.

The Blackened Steak & Parmesan Poutine

  • Slices of blackened sirloin steak, parmesan, green onions, and the resto's signature sauce

The Buffalo Chicken Poutine

  • Buffalo sauce-doused fried chicken atop a poutine, with a dose of Ranch dressing for good measure.

The "Christmas" Poutine

  • Roast turkey, beer bread stuffing, and cranberry sauce all atop a golden poutine.

The Great Canadian Pizza Poutine

  • Poutine meets pizza, with bacon, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and bacon to top it all off.

The Hangover Poutine

  • Bacon, eggs, and poutine. 'Nuff said

The Perogy Poutine

  • Fried cheddar perogies, onions, bacon, topped with the essential perogy sides of sour cream and chives.

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