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This Canadian Town Has Been Completely Infested With Caterpillars

Literally billions of critters.
This Canadian Town Has Been Completely Infested With Caterpillars

One caterpillar is super cute and fuzzy.  Two is doubly as cute. Yey, they're friends!

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Anything more quickly becomes exponentially un-cute, and this can be seen across quaint towns of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Albert, Quebec, and parts of B.C.

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One man in particular from Manitoulin Island, a small town on Ontario’s Lake Huron, was hit with one of the wildest infestations of forest tent caterpillars seen in Canada to date.

The sheer number of bugs this poor man had to deal with is absolutely unfathomable and makes me shudder hard.

Picture literally BILLIONS of caterpillars blanketed over your property. On your car, house, deck, driveway, roof, and windows. They are everywhere.

These bugs are apparently also a huge safety hazard when covering roads in large numbers.  When cars drive over them it can be very slippery. Ew. Comparable to the safety hazard to an oil spill or an icy patch on the road can cause. Again, ugh.

Although urban Montreal has not been hit as hard, you have to have some sympathy for these poor rural Canadians that are required to clean the swathes of writhing critters off their cars every morning like it's snow in the winter.

The good news is the caterpillars will soon be gone because in a few weeks they will pupate and begin the transition to their next life cycle – becoming a moth that will lay eggs that will hatch next spring. Wait, not sure if that's good news.

Regardless, these crawlies will be gone soon, Canada.


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