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This Canadian Town Is Being Overrun With Peacocks

A feathery frenzy.
This Canadian Town Is Being Overrun With Peacocks

Canada's wildlife and natural scenery are pretty precious to its citizens. The expansive, sublime terrain and its many animal inhabitants are a point of pride to many Canadians. Such concern for nature has inspired some of the most progressive environmental reguations in the world. 

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But sometimes, invasive critters can disturb the precarious natural balance of the Canadian landscape. When those creatures invade populated areas, they can also be an extreme nuisance and even a danger to local residents.

Earlier this week we told you about the giant goldfish infesting Canadian waters. And today, news broke that peacocks have been terrorizing a small town in British Columbia.

An exotic pet owner in Surrey, B.C. abandonned his feathery companions over a decade ago. Since then, their population has ballooned to over one hundred.

The birds perch on residential roofs and nest in public parks. Their presence poses a threat to homeowners and passing pedestrians.

To counter the invasion, Surrey officials will begin to capture individual creatures and relocate them to a local animal shelter. Officers will also move peacock nests.

Via Tanima Majumdar

How exactly officials will capture over one hundred peacocks remains to be seen, but Surrey residents are certainly in for a show. Hopefully, no one gets hurt.


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