This Chair For Sale At IKEA Canada Has Sliced Off A Toddler's Finger

WARNING: Graphic images.
This Chair For Sale At IKEA Canada Has Sliced Off A Toddler's Finger

WARNING: Graphic images at the end of this article.

You would never think that a standard folding chair could seriously injure a person, but a recent report has proven that collapsable IKEA furniture is potentially dangerous to small children if not handled properly.

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TL;DR A standard 6GBP IKEA folding chair model GUNDE has almost sliced off a toddler's entire finger. IKEA has since launched an investigation in the UK, where the incident took place.

A standard folding chair has practically sliced off a toddler's entire finger, and IKEA has officially launched an investigation in the U.K. 

The mother of the toddler, Sophie Marie Bennett, said she had been at home baking with her daughters when her toddler Kaylah's finger became trapped in the chair.

According to the story told by the mother, the child was getting off the chair when her finger got crushed between the metal.

Here a photo of the very standard 6GBP folding chair, which is still for sale through IKEA's Canada store. You can imagine exactly where the legs collapse and the tiny child's finger got stuck.


The incident left the child with part of her finger missing, she was immediately rushed to hospital for surgery. Now the family is waiting to see if the operation was successful or if amputation is necessary. Either way, medical staff confirm the child will be left with a permanently deformed finger.


The good news in this horrible story is that IKEA seems to be taking action and responsibility. The young mother has spoken directly with the company, which has offered to reimburse all medical costs associated with the incident. 

IKEA also confirmed they will be contacting their head office in Sweden about quality assurance and will get back to the mother with some answers. 

Via Sophie Marie Bennett

Via Sophie Marie Bennett


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