This "Cheese Tasting Map" Will Show You A Side Of Quebec You've Never Seen Before

The perfect summer activity.
This "Cheese Tasting Map" Will Show You A Side Of Quebec You've Never Seen Before

Our Belle Province is often nicknamed "cheese heaven" because of the abundance of cheese production found in our region.  Not just Ptit Quebec hard brick cheddar cheese is made here, but some of the most highly prized artisan and fine cheese can be found in Quebec.

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Fun dinner party fact: over three-quarters of all of Canada's cheeses are produced in Quebec. That's a lot of fromage. The best part is that cheese-lovers all over the province can reap the benefits of local production because many of these cheese farms and producers are open to the public for guided visits and tastings.

You may have heard of "Fromagesd'ici" meaning cheese from here, is an association which helps to promote and showcases all our local cheese talent to the public.  You may have seen those little "D'ICI" stickers on your cheese items at the grocery stores, too.

Fromages D'ici provides an awesome interactive map which conveniently shows you all the cheese producers in the region that are open to the public. Also, the list some of the most popular cheesemakers by region on their clean and easy to use website. Just pick a fromagerie that looks enticing, hop in your car, and go. It's that easy.

If you're a cheese-lover yourself, visiting a cheese farm is a great way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon in the spring or summer, and is a fun activity for small or even big groups. The best part is many are located in very close proximity to Montreal, the closest being just 30-minute drive outside the city.

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For more information on how to find a Quebec Fromagerie near you, click HERE and HERE.

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