This City In Canada Is Banning Trick-Or-Treating

There's a curfew, too.
This City In Canada Is Banning Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween is a special time of year. Despite not being a true “holiday,” the annual celebration of all-things spooky and sweet is still a major cause for excitement no matter your age. 

Yes, Halloween used to just be for little kids, but nowadays it’s a party for every age group. We all know Halloween parties are the best kind. 

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But in a rather ridiculous move that is reminiscent of the movie Footloose, a Canadian town is practically banning trick-or-treating. 

The city of Bathurst, New Brunswick will have a new bylaw in place for Halloween 2017, one that bars certain age-groups from asking for candy and setting a cut-off time for everyone else. 

The bylaw stipulates that no one over the age of 16 can go trick-or-treating. There will be a hard 8pm deadline for trick-or-treating, forcing all the younger kids back indoors. 

More than a little odd, local politicians tried to quash the new set of regulations. Unfortunately, any opposition met with failure, and politicians against the bill had to settle with “modifications” to the bylaw, reports HuffPo.

Any teenager over 16 found with a costume after curfew can be charged with a fine of $200. 

Originally, the ban on trick-or-treating would set the age-limit to 14 and the curfew at 7pm. 

So it could be worse for the young folks of Bathurst, but that still won’t make Halloween all that great. 

As you may have already guessed, old people are to blame for the baffling bylaw. Older residents didn’t want any shenanigans going on in the streets, and pressed for changes that ultimately make Halloween less fun.  

There are some holes in this bylaw, as local politicians in opposition have pointed out. Automatically knowing the age of a kid is hard to do, since the difference between a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old can be negligible. Also, some parents work late, making an 8pm deadline a little bit unreasonable. 

But the law is the law. Hopefully the Bathurst police force will be lenient and actually let people have fun on Halloween.

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