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This Coastal Town Is The #1 Most Charming Place In Quebec

One of Eastern Canada's prized gems.
This Coastal Town Is The #1 Most Charming Place In Quebec

As most of you may know and learned in elementary school, our beautiful province of Quebec is shaped like a hand.  That is if you take your right hand and turn it so your palm is directly facing you.

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The thumb of your hand would be considered the Gaspe Region of Quebec.  Before commercial flying gained massive popularity, Montrealers and city-dwellers would pack up their cars and head down the coast. Well, more like up the coast.

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Although the beaches may not be as white and sandy as down south in the tropics, the coast of Gaspe and New Brunswick have a lot of history, natural beauty, and charm of their own to offer. And there's nothing like getting to know your own country a little bit better.

You can head up the coast and visit Percé Rock, in Percé Quebec. One of the most famous attractions of the region and an official member of  The Association of Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec.

Not only the is it an amazing sight to see, but the village is one of the most charming you will ever visit in Quebec.  And there are tons of things to do in the area.

You can also travel to l’île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé for all kinds of oceanside activities and sea excursions. Check out local wildlife, including whales, seals, and birds. Head out fishing, kayaking, or even scuba diving!

On the Percégeopark you can really get in touch with nature, with their expansive hiking trails, spectacular lookouts, suspended deck,  and zip lines, this spot is a real adventure gem.

Or you can just stay in town and appreciate the food and drink that Gaspe region has to offer. Visit famous fish markets, smokehouses, and pubs of the area.

Overall, this destination will allow you to enjoy everything that the Maritimes has to offer, amazing seafood, beautiful sunset views, and charming and historic seaside villages.

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For more information on Percé Quebec, click HERE.

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