This Coffee Shop Now Serves "Pitch Black" Lattes

You're going to love this a latte.
This Coffee Shop Now Serves "Pitch Black" Lattes

Alright, show of hands: who here loves coffee?

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Everyone? Good! That's exactly what I thought. And if you love coffee, then you know that some days, you wanna jazz up your latte. Some days, you want your coffee to be full of rainbows and glitter and little star confetti.

But some days... not so much. Sometimes, what you need in your life is a cup of coffee exactly as black as your soul: AKA, the charcoal latte.

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The charcoal latte is pretty much a regular latte, infused with activated charcoal.

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Other than looking cool AF, it's apparently got a lot of health benefits, since charcoal is allegedly super key for detoxing the body. (Just be careful consuming it if you're taking pills or have health issues). 

If you want to try the charcoal latte, you're going to have to get yourself to New York City. The closest spot to Montreal that sells them is an NYC-based shop called The Good Sort.

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However, other cafes in the UK (especially London and Australia) also serve this conction, so if you're going on a vacation there soon, you know what you gotta check out.

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