This Service In Canada Will Deliver Literally Anything You Want To Your House And It's Perfect For Freezing Winter Days

Toilet paper, coffee, dog food... anything!
This Service In Canada Will Deliver Literally Anything You Want To Your House And It's Perfect For Freezing Winter Days

The Internet has thrown us into a hyper-connected reality, but still we want more! If you're unsatisfied with your UberEats or Foodora selection, it's time to check out GOLO.

GOLO is a company that is making it easier for local shops to deliver their goods right to your door — no matter what their goods are!

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TL;DR GOLO will delivery almost anything to your home upon demand. They operate out of Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City.

From toilet paper to dog food and anything in between, GOLO is connecting you to a multitude of shops in your neighbourhood.

You're no longer restricted to just poutine's and pizzas — though, don't worry, they deliver those bad boys, too.

GOLO, which stands for Go Local, wants to be the go-to delivery company for Canadians in a pinch.

They are currently active in Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City, though I can imagine Canadian expansion is on the horizon.

If you've got a hankering for something sweet, or your roommate used the last of the toilet paper, GOLO wants to be the solution to your every problem.

For any instance when you're in desperate need of something and don't want to — or simply can't — leave the house, GOLO is there.

Of course, there are many take-out staples you can order for a late night snack or your hangry morning hangover. 

But the biggest perk of GOLO is the delivery of things you never thought you could have delivered from a local shop to your doorstep.

Coffee, Tylenol, flowers, dessert, or sushi. They've totally got you covered, and the list is only going to keep expanding.

When should we start the petition to get beer delivery from the Dep or the LCBO? 

In the meantime, Montrealers can benefit from using GOLO when they order one of the La Poutine Week poutines.

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Just use the code "GOLOPOUTINE" and get $10 off your order.

You can also get $5 off your first delivery by using the code: WELCOME.

So, when will your first GOLO delivery be? The next time you run out of toilet paper? Or tonight when you're craving a poutine? 

When you do make your first order, be sure to brag about it using the hashtag #GOLOit — it's like "Google it," but better.

Check out GOLO here!

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