This Company Is Hiring "Prostitute Testers"

Quality control is important apparently.
This Company Is Hiring "Prostitute Testers"

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In an attempt "to be the Tripadvisor for brothels," German website (NSFW) which means "Buy Me" in English, is seeking quality testers for the sex practices in Berlin's various brothels. The product manager for the online social network, known only as "Ben", explained to CNBC that "having a brothel in Germany is totally legal but so far there is not a quality system for them in place." To ensure quality of service, standards of cleanliness and safe sex practices, Ben believes that having a qualified professional test and rate brothels would benefit clients, giving them a way to check quality before they go, "like you check your hotel online before you book."

The ideal candidate, man or woman, should be university-educated, preferably in business or the hotel industry, and would have several years of "practical experience" in the field, says the ad on Kaufmich's website. Brothel-testers would also have to have a tidy appearance, possess a clean health certificate, and of course, be good with people.

So far, over 150 applicants from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the U.K have applied for the position, and Kaufmich is hoping to be able to eventually expand the service beyond just Berlin if all goes well.

The sex trade is legal in Germany, so I guess it makes sense to have some kind of rating system in place, but they must realize getting paid to have sex with prostitutes makes you a prostitute. It's like kind of sexception! And in case you might be interested in applying for the job, they are apparently looking for french speakers. Has Quebec been grooming us all along? I mean, we do like our sexy time...

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