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This Company Wants To Hire A Canadian To Travel Europe And Asia For Free

Your resume will blow everyone away.
This Company Wants To Hire A Canadian To Travel Europe And Asia For Free

When you think of your dream job, what comes to mind? The perfect job would mean everyday felt like fun instead of work. You'd basically get to pick your hours and work in whatever space you want, and of course you'd be making an insane amount of money. 

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Most of us strive to obtain that ideal career, but it's rarely ever handed to us on a silver platter. That surprisingly all changes with this contest that can have you living the life you always dreamt of. is holding a contest that will reward one lucky winner with the "Epic Dream Job" of a lifetime. Whoever wins will have the opportunity to travel to 3 continents, 7 countries, and 18 destinations to ski or snowboard on the most incredible and world-renowned hills imagineable, all absolutely free of charge. The best gear on the market will be supplied to you for free, including a full arsenal of GoPro equipment. 

As if it couldn't get any better, the company will actually be paying you $10,000 (US!) to venture out on this unbelievable experience.

Too good to believe? Just watch the official video below. 

Countries you'd have the chance to travel to as the winner include Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan to name a few. You'd truly be living out your wanderlust dreams to the fullest while working at the same time!

Of course, you have to know how to ski or snowboard to actually qualify for the contest. doesn't say anything about having to be a pro, so your mediocre skills might just be enough.

All you have to do to join the contest is send in an application video thats under a minute long and explain why you'd want to be chosen for the "Epic Dream Job." The competition is currently accepting applications, but only until October 15! The new "employee" will be announced on October 30, and it may just be you! Whoever does get this once-in-a-lifetime job will definitely have the coolest resumé ever.

To submit an application for's "Epic Dream Job" click HERE.

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