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This Company Wants To Pay You To Drink Beer

Literally the best job, ever.
This Company Wants To Pay You To Drink Beer

When it comes to “best job ever” ideas, most of them are out of the realm of reason. 

Professional cuddler? That may only be a thing for panda bears. Being paid to play video games? Only if you’re as good as pros in South Korea. 

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But professional beer drinker? That one exists, and you can literally apply for the job right now. 

Meantime Brewing Company is looking for “official beer tasters” to join their staff. And yes, the job is exactly what is sounds like, you’re paid to drink beer. 

The qualified candidate, according to the company’s post on LinkedIn, must be a “passionate beer lover” who can provide “honest and objective feedback” on various beer-products.

Honesty is never really a problem among beer-drinkers, so that last bit probably won’t be much of an issue. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of Coors Light, however, this may not be the gig for you. Meantime Brewing Company is looking for someone who has a refined beer-palate, one who knows the various ingredients of different beers, and has a solid grasp on the “terminology and vocabulary of beer.”

There are, however, a couple of catches to this dream job. For one, the brewing company is based in London. Second, the gig is only a few hours a week, so it’s definitely part-time. 

But if you happen to be across the pond and have time to spare, this could be the perfect side gig. 

Applying for this job is pretty easy, too. Just write a 30-word post on LinkedIn explaining why you should get the job, using the hashtag #pickmemeantime. 

Good luck and happy (but safe) drinking.

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