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This Company Wants To Pay You Money To Travel With Your Best Friend This Summer

Here we go again with that travel envy I get. Lovely. 

I'm sure you've heard of WOW Air by now. They are a newer airline, based in Iceland, that offers some pretty incredible low-cost international flights. 

Honestly, flying to Europe has never been as cheap as it has been lately with WOW Air - so long as you don't mind a Reykjavik layover, but who would?

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To make WOW Air just a tad bit more amazing, right now they are looking to hire "Travel Guides" for a summer position. Sounds intriguing, right? Here are some more details.

WOW Air wants to pay YOU, and a friend, partner, anyone you consider half of your "dynamic duo" to move to Iceland this summer. 

From Iceland, you will be taking flights to all over the world to their destination locations, while promoting self-created content and talking about the destinations as an official "WOW Air Travel Guide."

This is, clearly, the summer job opportunity of a lifetime! If you're like me and get travel envy often, then you should consider applying for this gig.

If you are hired as a WOW Air Travel Guide, you will move to Reykjavik, Iceland as of June 1st, and remain there until mid-August working in the downtown core.

Traveling to 38 top destinations offered by the airline, enjoying the city's culture and telling the world about it on social media will be your main job. 

Some of the destinations include New York City, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, London... honestly, almost every city or country you have dreamt of vacationing at. 

It's not often that you can have the travel experience of a lifetime, AND be paid while doing it!

All you got to do is record a 2-min "pitch" video of your own city and impress WOW Air, then this gig is all yours! Seeing as we live in such an incredible city, this task should not be too difficult!

Applications are due no later than May 14th, and selected candidates will be announced on WOW Air's social media on by May 18th. 

Find more details right here. 

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