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This Company In Canada Will Plant A Tree For Free On Your Behalf

Here's how to do it.
This Company In Canada Will Plant A Tree For Free On Your Behalf

National Tree Day in Canada is coming up fast and as a country that has an abundance of nature and natural wonders, we're constantly trying to protect and maintain our ecosystems. 

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For National Tree Day, Tree Canada has set up an amazing contest that will allow you to help our environment with the click of a button! That's literally all it takes. 

via @explorecanada

All you have to do is go to their website, enter some information, plant a virtual seed and voila! A real tree will be planted on your behalf somewhere in Canada and you contributed without paying a cent or getting up from your chair. 

I entered and planted my virtual seed before writing this article and it took me about 2 minutes total! It's super easy and you feel slightly better about yourself after doing it. 

via @explorecanada

What's the best part you ask? Well, if you're a resident of Canada you'll be entered to win a trip to the Fairmont Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta! 

You get to help our environment and natural ecosystems and have the chance to win an amazing trip all for FREE! The contest ends October 1st so get planting those virtual seeds ASAP. 

via @raygeenah

Tree Canada will plant 10,000 real trees in total across the country and they've already reached 93% of their goal so help them reach 100%!! 

Visit theirwebsite to enter the contest and plant your virtual seeds! 

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