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This Could Be The Facebook Of A Teen Murderer

A possible connection to the Trois-Rivières murders.

Two 17 year olds from Trois-Rivières were charged with first degree murder on Wednesday after seen leaving the murder scene. Two sisters and a young man (a boyfriend of one of the sisters) were killed. Read all of the details here.

The names of the  the two suspects have not been released, as both are underage. However, we received a tweet, pointing towards one of the possible suspects.

Tweet deleted to protect user privacy.

The tweet included a link to a FB profile, which must be removed for legal reasons (considered Outrage au tribunal). The info legitimacy was backed by this FB post from a well known local media figure and Journal de Montréal.

Here is a blurred photo of one of the suspects, taken from the TVA report on the ongoing case.

We dug around the Facebook profile included in the tweet and found some very disturbing images.

Please note we are not condemning anyone of any criminal actions, nor can we release the name of the individual.

We can show you what we found. Dark and full of biblical imagery, could this be the Facebook profile of a teen murderer?

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