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This Couple Had The Most Canadian Wedding Ever: At Tim Hortons

A true love story.
This Couple Had The Most Canadian Wedding Ever: At Tim Hortons

There are Canadian things, like randomly saying "eh" in a sentence or spouting out "sorry" when you did absolutely nothing wrong. 

Then there are Canadian things, stuff that is quintessentially "Canada," like hockey, maple syrup, or, the best example of all: Tim Hortons. 

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Nothing says "I'm Canadian" like holding a cup of Tim Hortons coffee in your hand, and maybe a box of Timbits. 

But one couple on the east coast decided to take things to the next level by having the most Canadian wedding ever inside of a Tim Hortons. 


Tom and Meranda Robicheau from Belleville, Nova Scotia had their first date at a Tim Hortons, reports CBC

After two years of dating, the pair decided to tie the knot. So what better place to hold the ceremony, and create a nice sense of circularity, than inside Canada’s favourite coffee chain? 

The newly christened Robicheau’s were  married on September 16th at a Tim Hortons location in Yarmouth, N.S., where Meranda actually works as a baker. 

Getting the venue secured wasn’t too hard, then, as Meranda already new the management. Plus, all of Meranda’s coworkers got to attend the wedding, too. 

As did many customers. This Tim Hortons shares space with a Wendy’s, which was in service while the ceremony was going on. So while a couple was united in holy matrimony on one side, hungry patrons ordered burgers on the other. Obviously there were perplexed looks from one side to the other. 

To make things even more uber Canadian, the wedding ceremony had some added Tim Hortons flair, as a coffee cup mascot posed with the wedding party. 

And when the couple rode off after the festivities were finished, Tim Hortons coffee cups followed them, decorated onto the car. 

Admittedly a little bit strange (and definitely not for everyone) you have to hand it to this couple. Casting aside standard wedding traditions and practices, the Robicheaus decided to make their ceremony unique and reflective of their relationship. 

Getting married inside of a Tim Hortons may not be for everybody, but it was perfect for them, which is what every wedding should be about. 

So kudos to the Robicheaus for being themselves and having the most Canadian wedding, ever. 

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