This Cozy Montreal Spot Serves The Most Deliciously Authentic Korean Food Downtown

I love finding little-hidden gem restaurants around the city. Growing up outside of the downtown core makes you appreciate all kinds of restaurants and levels of food and experience they have to offer.

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Finding a true low-key gem feels like winning a prize. 

Kind of like when you go hunting at an antique market or flea market only to find an amazing piece of furniture or clothing. A treasure to call your very own.

I've written about a hidden Korean spot in VSL that kicks some serious butt, and I also have written about a low-key amazing Japanese spot that is found in a random food court downtown, if you can believe. 

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Moral of the story, the best spots are usually right under our noses. 

This week I found a really unique Korea spot on St.Catherine West near Atwater Metro that is on the main street but still inconspicuous. And the food is plentiful and seriously delicious.

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Serving all the Korean classics and crowd pleasers like Bibimpab, Bulgogi, and Soondubu. The portions are killer and the price is reasonable. Oh, they also have a liquor license and booze is cheap too! Can't get much better than that!

Considering the massive family-style portions this is the type of place you want to visit with a big squad of friends and stay for hours and sip on Soju until you're bursting with bulgogi. Sounds good to me.

For more information on Sam Cha check out their Facebook page, HERE.

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