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This Crazy Winter "Mountain Roller Coaster" Is Just 90 Minutes Outside Montreal

This Alpine coaster is sure to be a hot activity this winter
This Crazy Winter "Mountain Roller Coaster" Is Just 90 Minutes Outside Montreal

Just outside of Montreal, a Quebec company has built an insanely cool Alpine coaster that flies down the side of Mont Saint-Saveur — and it runs throughtout the winter!

While other people might think tubing is the next best mountain-side activity after skiing or snowboarding, I'm thinking an Alpine coaster has some serious points. And you can buy a combo-ticket that lets you ski and ride!

TL;DR An hour and a half drive from Montreal, there is an Alpine coaster that lets you fly down a snowy mountainside like you're that princess from Frozen feeling an avalanche... or something like that. Check out the videos below!

Via Les Sommets

The Viking is the Alpine coaster that scales Mont Saint-Saveur at les Sommets. The coaster is open all year round but is especially cool in the winter when the surroundings are covered in fluffy white powder and you're flying fast enough to feel like you're on Canada's luge team.

Opened in 2009, the Alpine coaster became the only one of its kind in the province, providing speeds of up to 35 km/h and amazing views from the top.

Riding solo or with a buddy, this coaster also actually allows you to control your speed on the way down. Just don't let the scaredy cat in your pair be the one in charge of the handbrake.

Via Les Sommets

The season runs from October 29 to May 17 and a ticket purchase to ride can be made in conjunction with lift tickets for skiing at les Sommets.

One ride is $12.99, two rides or more are $8.99 each. The latter is also the price if purchased with a ski pass.

Les Sommets also has tubing available if you feel like enjoying the great outdoors this winter without strapping on the skis. Check out their site here for Family Package deals and access to two awesome tubing locations.

Check out the video below of the Viking in its full winter glory...

For ticket prices and height restrictions for kids, check out their site here.

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