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This "Debt Clock" Shows You Exactly How Much Money Quebec Owes

You'll never believe how bad it is.
This "Debt Clock" Shows You Exactly How Much Money Quebec Owes

Everyone who lives in Quebec realizes that we're in a bit of trouble. The corruption, the crumbling infrastructure, the disappearing businesses and of course, the debt.

But how bad is the debt exactly?

Most of us have no way of knowing how much money Quebec owes, we simply assume it's a lot. But it's much worse than you imagine.

Quebec actually has a debt clock and by the time you finish reading the sentence, the province will owe another $5,000.

The debt calculated is called the public sector debt which includes everything the government owes, the social service debt, the education debt, the debt of individual municipalities as well as the debt of the corporations the government runs.

As of March 22nd at 2:15 pm, the debt shown is over $276,000,000,000!

That's about $68,000 for every taxpayer in Quebec, which places us at #5 on the list of the nations with most debt. Which is insane considering we're only a single province.

Check out IEDM's website for more information or to see the debt clock of other countries. 

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