This Disgusting Critter Is Invading Homes Across Canada This Season

The real nightmare before Christmas.
This Disgusting Critter Is Invading Homes Across Canada This Season

As autumn comes to an abrupt close and winter quickly takes over the country, you may think it's time when all outdoor creatures settle in for a long sleep. 

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TL;DR This winter stink bugs will be taking over homes across Canada in an effort to escape the cold. Usually found under couches, beds and dark spaces in furniture, the bug is not capable of surviving the freezing temperatures.

The air becomes void of the buzzing bugs that define the sound of summer, nasty hundred-legged creatures scurrying around start to disappear, and the critters that seriously make you tremble at the sight of them vanish.

All of these creatures leaving for the winter is a nice thought, but it just isn't true.

In fact, there's going to be one horrifying insect that will be invading most homes across Canada this winter. Brace yourselves, it won't be pretty.

It won't smell too pretty either.

Yes, as if winter wasn't brutal enough already, thousands of stink bugs are going to be found in homes as soon as temperatures reach below zero.

You may be wondering why these horrible creatures are making their way into your house. It has everything to do with the season. Not only are the days freezing cold, but days get a lot shorter.

Since the bugs aren't able to cope with the cold, they take a cue from changes in the duration of sunlight and search for a warm place to hide from freezing temperaturs.

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It only gets worse from here. Because the stink bug's survival tactics are insanely good, they've been able to spread wide across North America. So, the number of these smelly demons just keeps growing. 

The most common place to find them is under couches, beds, cupboards, and other furniture. That thing that's going "bump" in the night might just be a colony of stink bugs. Horrifying.

Needless to say, this winter is going to be absolutely dreadful in more ways than one.