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This $10,000,000 Montreal Mansion Comes With Its Own "Private Tropical Beach"

Yes, it has palm trees too!
This $10,000,000 Montreal Mansion Comes With Its Own "Private Tropical Beach"

The homes you find in and around Montreal are pretty affordable compared to most of the other big cities in Canada. 

And if you thought $10,000,000 got you a lot of house ON the island, you have no idea how much you can buy in Montreal's off-island suburbs like Sainte-Julie. 

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This isn't a house. As the description reads, it's an enchanted kingdom!

The front entrance looks like a palace. 

The garage is bigger than your house.

The interior is amazing.

It has it's own movie theater. 

It has its own lake which is fully navigable, AND it has a freaking water-fountain the middle. 

And if that wasn't enough it comes with it's own private beach complete with a sandy shore and even palm trees. 

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