This Downtown Montreal Company Is Looking To Hire You ASAP

Get that money.
This Downtown Montreal Company Is Looking To Hire You ASAP

Let's not beat around the bush with this one, friends: sometimes, good jobs can be super hard to find.

And I mean, jobs in general are difficult to find. But a job you actually like, that actually offers room for growth and that actually pays decent? Yeah... that's almost an unattainable trifecta.

Notice how I said almost right there? That's because such a thing does actually exist - and right here in Montreal, of all places!

Sekure Merchant Solutions is a payment processing company located in the heart of Downtown Montreal and the West Island.

They employ over 400 people in a wide range of positions, and have opportunities available for both new and experienced professionals. What's more, they were also named Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers as well as Canada's Top Employers for Recent Grads, and guess what... they just so happen to be hiring!

At the moment, they're primarily looking for sales and customer service professionals for their Downtown Montreal call centre as well as at their West Island location. For these particular positions, you'd get a regular base salary PLUS commission, so how much you make is really up to you! (Read: the potential to make a lot of money is pretty huge).

And if you want to move up within the company, no worries! Sekure's upbeat and fun work environment makes it a fantastic place to work, and their dedication to ongoing training and development can seriously help get your career off the ground.

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So, not only is this company a great place to work if it's your first job right out of school - or if you're looking to make a career switch - but it's also an awesome environment to build a rewarding, long-term career. You see, Sekure doesn't believe in just numbers. They believe that employee satisfaction is the true key to success.

Plus, Sekure offers free breakfast, fresh fruit and coffee daily. I mean, can it get any better than that?

For more information, or to find out how to apply, check out Sekure's official website, Facebook and Instagram pages!