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This Downtown Montreal Food Court Now Has All $5 Combo Meals

Pizza, poutine, shish taouk, and more!
This Downtown Montreal Food Court Now Has All $5 Combo Meals

We all have those days when we don't have the time or the motivation to pack a lunch to bring to school or work. Every time that happens to me, I feel guilty because I know that I'll be spending more money buying lunch than making it at home.

While it's not always easy to make time for groceries and cooking when you're tired and stressed out, it's also not always easy to find good and cheap eats.

Luckily, this is changing this week.

You read that right. From December 5th to 11th, Alexis Nihon's food court is offering $5, $6, and $7 menu combos as part of their #GameOfExams campaign.

In fact, the #GameOfExams campaign was created to relieve stress for students finishing their semester by offering them affordable eating options. And we couldn't agree more, this deal comes at a perfect time for everyone cramming for exams at the moment! All you need to do is show up with your student ID and you're good to go!

From wraps to pizza to sushi, a huge selection of fresh food will be available for great prices.

In fact, no less than 15 restaurants will be participating, and those include Roasters, Thai Express, Sushi Shop, Valentine, Dagwoods and Kojax, among others.

Whether you're stressed out while studying for finals or overwhelmed with holiday shopping, this promotion comes at a perfect time of the year. Talking about holiday shopping, you can do that too at Alexis Nihon, thus killing two birds with one stone!

As for the food deals, it's the perfect occasion to try something new or to get some of your favourites for cheaper.

So next time you're downtown and hungry, you know where to go! The food court at Alexis Nihon is where it's at.

This amazing deal is only valid until December 11th! Make sure to check out Alexis Nihon's Facebook for more info . Bon appétit!