This Enchanted Forest In Quebec Will Make You Feel Like You've Stumbled Into A Fairytale

Summertime in Quebec is kind of like being transported to a magical Eden, especially on gorgeous days like today. There are plenty of activities you can do to enjoy this paradise but none are more unique than this. 

There's definitely something special about this time of year, so why not experience something truly magical? Foresta Lumina is that place. Be transported to a world of magic and wonder, walking through a beautiful enchanted forest in Coaticook. 

Foresta Lumina is an experience like no other. An unparalleled summer night is only a short drive from Montreal. You can experience over 2 kilometres of paths through an illuminated forest that may or may not contain some fairies. Make a wish to be on the safe side!

According to legend, there was a girl named Margaret who lived in the Coaticook Gorge many decades ago. Margaret was blessed with a gift — she could see magical creatures in the forest. Apparently, Margaret's spirit still resides in the woods. 

In the spirit of the little girl, Foresta Lumina was founded in 2014 as part of Coaticook's 150th-anniversary celebrations. Local park authorities called upon Quebec-based multi-media production group Moment Factory to manifest their vision for the enchanted forest. 

Taking a night hike through Foresta Lumina is an incredible experience that is a must-do in the Eastern Townships. It's located in a pristine nature reserve and every installation is integrated with the surrounding environment. A mellifluous soundtrack follows your every step as you travel through 11 unique multi-media presentations. 

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With 2.6 kilometres of pathways through a gorgeous illuminated forest, visitors can experience some highly visual and spectacular light shows. Go at your own pace and take it all in slowly, it's worth it. 

If you want to visit the site, Foresta Lumina highly suggests that you book tickets in advance. This incredible landmark in small-town Quebec is sure to be a bustling destination on these warm summer nights. 

Be sure to not miss out on experiencing the magic of Foresta Lumina this summer! The park is located only two hours outside of Montreal and is only $19.50 to visit.

Hope that you all have an amazing time at Foresta Lumina!

Everything you need to know:

WHAT: Foresta Lumina

WHERE: 135 rue Michaud, Coaticook, QC

COST: $19.50 

For more info about Foresta Lumina, please visit its official website