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Epic Hiking Trail Near Montreal Ranked #1 "Best In The World"

The views will blow your mind.
Epic Hiking Trail Near Montreal Ranked #1 "Best In The World"

One of the great things about living in Quebec is how close we are to the US border. It really doesn't take more than a 2 hour drive to get over to our Southern neighbours which are home to some of the most breathtaking nature and hiking trails. Vermont is called the Green Mountain State for a reason and New Hampshire is filled with stunning lakes and mountains. Lucky for us, Quebec shares a border with both of these nature-filled states. 

National Geographic just named the Franconia Ridge Loop Trail in New Hampshire one the world's top 10 best hiking trails in a list of the World's Best Hikes and for good reason. This trail is honestly a hiking lover's dream. 

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You'll be trekking for a full 8 miles or a little less than 13 km through 3 different mountain ranges. The trail takes you first to the tip of Mount Lafayette, then across to Mount Lincoln and finally to over to Little Haystack. 

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The hike is a bit on the challenging side, taking hikers to an altitude of 3,480 feet. But it is totally worth it if you can accomplish it. You'll get to walk along stone paths lined with wildflowers and the views at the top will make you feel like you're right inside the clouds! 

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Once you made it to the top of the peaks you should definitely celebrate by cracking open a beer or a bottle, or even showing your butt of in front of the spectacular view. Really go wild because you made it!

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