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This Escape Room In Montreal Is One Of The Most Challenging In The City

One escape game to rule them all.
This Escape Room In Montreal Is One Of The Most Challenging In The City

None of us are strangers to the fact that it can be scarily easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to fun weekend activities. We can get used to the same routine of grabbing our usual bite to eat and drink at our local spot, then heading back home to our well-loved couch and good ol' faithful Netflix.

But if you’ve been hankering for a hype little adventure that you can tackle with friends, then saddle up cause goddamn have we got you covered in the thrills department RN!

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CÜBE Canada offers original, immersive escape-room experiences. Its latest addition, The Tomb, is a premium psychological challenge unlike any other. The moral of this intriguing storyline, the creative obstacles, the authentic decor - every last detail of this exciting game is spot on. If you consider yourself an escape-room pro, this particular race against time will have you scrambling to uncover its mysteries.


Set in a recently discovered forbidden underground passage, The Tomb sure as hell isn't your ordinary escape room. Players are tasked with uncovering the unexpected and rather humorous secret of a powerful ancient Chinese general who won many battles before somehow sinking into oblivion.

Instead of trying to find and match actual hidden keys and locks, your mission involves taking in every inch of your surroundings, reading hints carefully, and focusing your mind to piece clues together and solve logic-testing thematic enigmas. There are a few innovative, amusing twists to the game's riddles and puzzles - and TRUST - you're literally gonna have to sharpen ALL of your senses to defeat this beast of a challenge that'll stump experts and novices alike!

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I’m gonna keep it real and admit that, as a total newbie with a complete lack of competitive spirit, I had zero doubts that I was probably gonna suck at this. My team consisted of quick-thinking, perseverant friends who had no idea what we were walking into: a gung-ho receptionist who grew more skeptical of our abilities as we were given vague pre-game instructions; her husband who thought we were walking into some kinda haunted house and was convinced that his top-notch brick-laying skills would be our saving grace; and a cemetery worker who was slightly oblivious as to this whole quest and, overall, felt like he was entering an edition of Uncharted. Fair enough.

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What truly struck me was how decently we all fared as a team. If anything, conquering this escape room left me impressed by my friends' hidden ingenuity under such pressure. The Tomb had us laughing, scratching our heads and testing seemingly impossible theories.

That verbal brainstorming, playing off of each other's ideas, and trying out even the weirdest things is what led us to ultimately crack every code – to our own amazement! We left this unique team-building experience feeling accomplished and pumped to try another escape game.

Via CUBE Canada Facebook

The super friendly and inventive CÜBE Canada staff obviously put a huge amount of creativity and thought into crafting The Tomb, and your crew is DEFS gonna have to muster up some serious brainpower to unravel the skill-testing, mentally demanding secrets of this epic escape game.

Think you're a seasoned escape-room wizard? Push your intuition and reasoning abilities to the limit by taking on The Tomb


CÜBE also has three other escape room themes to tickle your fancy, all of which have their own super creative twists! Their The Container game, for example, has you exploring a fictional, widely successful transportation company that might be transporting much more than just goods in their containers.


Another game, called The Butcher Shop, is set in the year 2025 in the midst of a global red meat crisis. Only one butcher shop has a steady supply of red meat, and when someone goes missing there, you and your friends are sent to investigate!


Their final escape room is called Ninja; the theme for this room is acquiring a special, secret set of weapons hidden away by a master ninja upon his death. The twist? These weapons are so powerful they could probably end the world. So you've got a lot riding on this one!

CÜBE has over 7,000 square feet allocated for their escape rooms, so you know that no matter which scenario you decide to tackle, you're going to have an amazing time! Oh, and if you want to extend the party, no worries - they've also got a 1,000 square foot reception area, perfect for parties and events! Oh, and PS? Rest assured that CÜBE has a fire alarm system and evacuation protocal to ensure a fun and safe environment for all participants; you can get out anytime at your own will for security purposes!

Keep up with the latest from CÜBE Canada by checking out its official website, Facebook, and Instagram