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This Ex-Montrealer May Replace Donald Trump As President Of The United States

A former student of a Montreal high school may become the politician to replace Donald Trump in the 2020 American presidential elections. 

Current Californian senator Kamala Harris is described as “the next Barrack Obama” and as the antithesis to the current president, both in terms of ideology and politics, making Harris the new favourite for the Democratic nomination. 

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Harris has yet to announce any plans for the presidency, but analysts and news publications are already heralding her as the best person to beat out Trump. Even online betting websites have Harris leading the pack for the Democratic candidate for president. 

There's even a Facebook page for it. 

Originally from Oakland, Calif. Harris headed into Montreal in the 1970s. When here, Harris attended Westmount High School, graduated, then headed back to the states. 

In 2003 Harris became San Francisco’s district attorney, then later California’s attorney general in 2011. Last November Harris became a senator, making her the first United States Senator of Jamaican and Indian descent. 

And acting as senator, Harris has opposed pretty much anything Trump has proposed, described as a part of the “hell-no” caucus of anti-Trump politicians. 

In so many respects, Harris is what America needs, a level-headed, determined, and intelligent politician who reflects a diverse population and is concerned with basic human rights policies. Basically, Harris is the opposite of Trump. 

Plus Harris spent more than a few years in Montreal, so you know she’s got a bit of Quebec and Canada in her, something the United States could really use. 

Whether or not we’ll see Harris running for president in 2020 remains to be seen (she hasn’t said yes or no on the matter) but it’s looking like there’s a good chance she will. If that’s the case, then Westmount High School may officially have the coolest alumnus, ever. 

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